ShowBox v1.4.9

ShowBoxShowbox is a software, for android based devices. It has made life convenient and easy for the new generation that is not too keen on standing in long queues waiting for their turn. It provides the users comfort of binge-watching movies and their favorite television shows, from the comfort of their beds, or couches, or wherever they please. The application has slowly become extremely popular amongst the user base, consisting mostly of android users. It is a free, open sourced and browser-based software. Over the years, the application has risen to some concern about the issue of copyrights, but all the doubts were squashed.

Features of ShowBox 1.4.9

1. The ShowBox application is totally free of cost. The users can stream any content they want without paying hard earned money for a monthly or yearly subscription.

2. The application is supported only by android devices currently.

3. The application is free, or has minimal advertisements.

4. The application, as per reviews of some users has proven to be better and more convenient than torrent.

5. The app is a hundred percent safe and free of malware and viruses.
6. The application is unlikely to get someone into trouble legally, but the user’s discretion comes into play while downloading the software because it involves unknown sources.
7. The application has a wide range of movies and tv shows, from almost all genres. It enables the users to download these on their devices, or stream online. All content is available in HD resolution.

How to download ShowBox 1.4.9?

To download click the below given link.

Download ShowBox

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