ShowBox v1.7.4

ShowBoxShowbox recently announced the release of its highly anticipated movie review application. The application allows people to find out everything that they need to know about a movie before they watch it. The best part of the applications is its availability free of cost. With access to a wide variety
of ratings and reviews, it is easy to get an accurate portrayal of the film while avoiding the risk of false reviews and untrustworthy writeups.

Features of ShowBox v1.7.4

  •  The movie review app Showbox offers the following salient features to its users and thus is one of the unique movie review application.
  • In order to get started, users are not required to register themselves. They can begin without any formalities.
  • The application features movie premiers and other things for free.
  • It allows users to access the detailed cast and crew profiles.
  •  Social platform sharing is another important feature that is integrated into the application.
  • Links to IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Meta Critic and other networks can be accessed to read reviews and box office information.
  •  The application works smoothly on all the platforms. It is basically a cross platform application that runs on Windows, Android, iOS, and several other operating systems.
  • Showbox comes with a user-friendly interface. The built-in search option in the application makes it easy to use and access. User get aesthetic satisfaction due to the ey pleasing designs available.

How to download ShowBox v1.7.4?

Showbox is available free for download. In order to download the application and check reviews of latest movies, users can click on the link given below-

Download ShowBox

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